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Hand Crafted unbleached imported English Willow

  • One of the top quality English Willow Bats Available from MB Malik
  • Hand Crafted unbleached imported English willow
  • Bat with thick edges & proportionate curves
  • Great balance and very comfortable pick up

MB creates hand crafted and unbleached English Willow cricket bats that can be purchased from Eagle Rise Sports. We sell one of the top quality bats from MB Malik at our store. Thick edges, great balance and amazing pickup make MB cricket bats a must-have for all formats of the game. These famous bats have been used by popular Pakistani players such as Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi and many other international players.

The MB bats are pre-knocked and ready to play. We all know the distances Afridi gets in his sixes through these bats, which gives a fair idea of the willow. `

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