MRF Warrior


Some great features of MRF Warrior English Willow Cricket Bat are as follows:

  • It is a grade 2 or grade B produced English willow cricket bat.

  • MRF Warrior cricket bat, is handcrafted utilizing 'Players' quality unbleached.

  • This is a very superior quality English willow which is potientially used by advanced cricket players.

  • Has excellent grip,stability & balance for playing power combined shots.

  • MRF Warrior has a huge sweet spot,which gives confidence to the players and emphasizes on stroke play.

  • MRF Warrior English Willow Cricket Bat Full Size adjusted face gives a refined course of energy all through the hitting zone, however yields a marginally less forcing yet more well-known profile.

  • This bat weighs around 900-1300 grams.

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